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Suzuki Music Association of California


The Suzuki Music Association of California is a non-profit organization with a network of teachers and student families in regional branches that believe in and promote Dr. Suzuki's teachings through Private Lessons, Graduations, Camps, Workshops, and other teacher and student events.

Suzuki Teacher Trainers  and Accompanists also welcome

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The Suzuki Music Association of California aspires to instill the teachings of Shinichi Suzuki into the hearts and minds of our students: that all children, in collaboration with parents and teachers, can develop high standards of achievement through love of music, self-confidence, discipline and good work habits. We seek to nurture fellowship, growth, and community among teachers and students of California.

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Diversity Statement

Diversity is a defining feature of the Suzuki Music Association of California (SMAC). Its directors, employees, and members embrace it as a source of strength. Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been practiced in this organization since its inception in the mid-1970s, long before these terms became part of the common lexicon. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, founded the program used within SMAC over 50 years ago. That part of his philosophy, which encapsulates these ideals, can be expressed simply as “Every Child Can Learn”.

Children from throughout the state, representing every walk of life, participate in the programs offered through SMAC and its twelve branches. All children are welcomed, are nurtured in the instrumental programs and developed in capacities beyond just their musical abilities.

Reflecting the diversity of children and youth who have been part of our program, the adult members of SMAC come from every walk of life. This attitude of diversity, equity, and inclusion naturally extends itself to these folks: our teachers and our leaders – and our leaders are teachers! All adults who are committed to music education and the teaching of the Suzuki Method, who are eager to improve themselves through their own practice and continuing education, and are passionate about helping children reach their fullest potential, are welcome to become teachers and leaders within our organization.

SMAC Board of Directors:

Celia Vollov (SANC), President

Catherine Croisette Orange County Strings), Vice-President

Melody Schwarz (Orange County Piano), Secretary

Ronél Wishnuff (San Diego), Treasurer

Suzanne Lambert (Coastal)

Linda Nakagawa (Sierra)

Linda Piatt (San Diego)

Caroline Salisbury (Los Angeles)

Barbie Wong (Bay Area Piano)

George Anderson (Independent)

Corporate Address:

1968 S Coast Hwy Suite 858
Laguna Beach CA 92651

Tax Identification 95-3178125

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