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Suzuki Music Association of California

Branch Listings

SMAC teacher membership covers all branches and entitles you and your students to participate in all SMAC activities (fees sometimes apply.)

Branches are listed in alphabetical order.

Bay Area Piano Branch

Representative: Barbie Wong

The Bay Area Piano branch has over 30 teacher members from the many cities surrounding the San Francisco Bay. This branch has two graduation recitals per year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Other activities include teacher workshops and master classes for students.

Instruments: Piano and Harp

Coastal Branch

Representative: Suzanne Lambert

This smaller branch covers the Northern California Coastline from San Luis Obispo to Mendocino County. The coastal branch sponsors annual fall retreats based on retreats in Japan, graduation, and annual Suzuki Institute and teacher training and workshops. Activities first began in 1977. The website link is for the Northern CA Suzuki institute near Santa Rosa. For a listing of teachers, please see the teacher directory.

Instruments: Violin and Viola

LA Branch

Representative: Caroline Salisbury

SMAC-LA is a large branch comprised of over 126 teachers offering lessons in violin, viola, cello, harp, guitar, piano and flute. The LA Branch is the second oldest branch and was the first branch to organize a non-profit organization supporting Dr. Suzuki's teachings in California. Some of the many activities sponsored by the group include graduation recitals, workshops, orchestras and an endowment supporting teacher training.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Piano

The LA Branch has two chapters, listed below.

Orange County Piano Branch

Representative: Melody Garber Schwarz

The Orange County Branch is the fifth branch, established in 1988.  They publish a newsletter and sponsor international graduation recitals, a summer music camp, teacher training workshops and other events.

Instruments: Piano

Orange County Strings Branch

Representative: Catherine Croisette

In 1977, several Suzuki Method string teachers in Orange County wanted to provide opportunities for their students without driving to Los Angeles and a chapter was officially formed within the Los Angeles Branch. In 2017, our group had grown large enough to become a Branch of the Suzuki Music Association of California. We sponsor annual festival performances with approximately 300 student participants, hold biennial teacher workshops and student master classes with leading Suzuki master teachers from all over the U.S. We also have a financial aid program to help with tuition costs for attendance at workshops, summer institutes and the National Cello Institute.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar

San Diego Branch

Representative: Linda Piatt

The San Diego branch has teacher members from the greater San Diego area, from Chula Vista to Escondido. Teacher members offer violin, viola, cello, guitar and piano lessons. Sponsored events include graduation recitals, Play-Ins by the San Diego Bay, and a Play-a-Thon fundraising event.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Guitar, Piano, Harpsichord

Sierra Branch

Greater Sacramento Area
Representative: Linda Nakagawa

The Sierra Branch is an active branch in the Greater Sacramento area offering many activities for violin, viola, cello, piano and flute teachers and students. Students participate in workshops, local parades, recitals and graduations. Teachers participate in workshops, graduations and teacher research meetings. Every other year, there is a 10-piano concert at the Sacramento Community Center.

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute

Suzuki Association of Northern California (SANC)

San Francisco Bay Area
Representative: Celia Vollov

The Suzuki Association of Northern California Branch (SANC) is the oldest branch, established in 1974. The teacher members offer violin, viola, cello and guitar lessons and reside in the many cities surrounding San Francisco Bay. (Piano is a separate branch.) Some local events sponsored are annual Family Camp weekend in the Redwoods, graduation, play-ins and workshops. The largest SANC event each year is the Advanced Suzuki Institute. The institute's website can be found here.

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Flute

SMAC Board of Directors:

Celia Vollov (SANC), President

Catherine Croisette Orange County Strings), Vice-President

Melody Schwarz (Orange County Piano), Secretary

Ronél Wishnuff (San Diego), Treasurer

Suzanne Lambert (Coastal)

Linda Nakagawa (Sierra)

Linda Piatt (San Diego)

Caroline Salisbury (Los Angeles)

Barbie Wong (Bay Area Piano)

George Anderson (Independent)

Corporate Address:

1968 S Coast Hwy Suite 858
Laguna Beach CA 92651

Tax Identification 95-3178125

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