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Graduation Program information for TEACHERS 

This page contains information for teachers on the graduation process. Additional details regarding eligibility guidelines and steps can be found here.

Oakland Temple Auditorium
4770 Lincoln Ave, Oakland

Date and Time TBA

will immediately follows final concert 

Parents will register, pay, and provide the YouTube//google recording links via the online registration form.

Registration cannot be completed unless the recording link is provided on the registration form.  

Registration date TBA

(we cannot accommodate exceptions)

Suzuki Association of Northern California Graduation Process

Graduation Standards

  • Follow the SANC guidelines below and review and apply the Suzuki Association of the Americas performance descriptors regarding appropriate skills before making the student graduation recording. 
  • Please help your student polish the piece to a high level and submit a recording only if they are well prepared. 
  • Violins, Please note metronome markings on the student eligibility guidelines.
  • Do not stop or splice anywhere in the piece.
  • The teacher may not offer verbal guidance, sing or play the melody line with the student during the performance.
  • Accurate pitch, rhythm, bowing style and correct tempo are required.

Recording Procedure

  • Parents must enter a YouTube/Google link of the graduation recording and enter it on the registration form. If a student wants to submit more than one level recording, the registration form will allow for up to three.  Additional fees apply for 2nd and 3rd recordings.
  • Preface recordings with Hello, my name is ______ and I am ____ years old.  I am playing a size ____ violin/viola/guitar/cello.  My graduation piece is ______ and my current piece is ____.  My teacher is ______.  Thank you for listening.
  • Record with live accompaniment or with an accompaniment CD.  Test for pitch and balance.  (The violin duet from Fun for Two Violins by Marianne Rygner may be used for the following violin pieces: Gavotte by Gossec, Concerto in A Minor 1st mvmt. by Vivaldi and Concerto in G Minor 1st mvmt. by Vivaldi.  Bach Bourree may be played as solo violin or viola at the teacher's discretion.  La Folia and above must be played with piano accompaniment.
  • Prepare recordings in advance to avoid technical issues.  If a recording cannot be completed in time due to technical error or illness, prepare the recording to be submitted next year.
  • Teachers must approve of their student's recordings in order for parents to register for Graduation.

Registration with Recording link Due November 11, 2023

  • All recordings are submitted on the registration form via a YouTube/Google link provided by the parent.
  • NOVEMBER 11, 2023 DEADLINE IS FIRM. Registration form will be disabled at midnight.  We cannot accommodate exceptions.

Requirements & Fees

  • All teachers must be current SMAC members in order for their students to register and submit graduation recordings.
  • Registration is completed by parents and submitted online only.  Teachers may not register their students or send in recordings.  Recordings will only be accepted as a YouTube or Google link and on the registration form only.
  • Fees are $50 for Levels I-IV and $55 for Levels V+ and are payable online only. Additional fee applies for additional recordings.


  • Refunds will be issued to students when eligibility or guidelines are not met.
  • Refunds are issued minus $15 processing fee.
  • Those receiving refunds are encouraged to reapply in the future.

Evaluations and January 15, 2024 Deadline

  • Teachers are encouraged to listen and evaluate as many recordings as are submitted by their students.
  • Evaluations must be completed via this online Evaluation Form only.  Handwritten evaluations cannot be accepted.
  • You will be sent a link to each recording you will be evaluating.  Please ensure your evaluations are submitted via the online Evaluation Form and by the FIRM DEADLINE of January 15, 2024.
  • If you receive a recording that does not meet eligibility, please contact Nora Grafton, the Graduation Chairperson 
  • at or 925-939-1117.  Do not contact the teacher of the student.  

Teacher Participation

  • All teachers who have prepared students for graduation recordings are asked to assist and support the smooth running of the logistics of the rehearsals and performance during the day of graduation.
  • To support the Graduating Students and in an effort to make this a truly special event, Teachers who submit Violin/ Viola/ Cello Student Graduation Recordings are asked to participate in the Teacher’s Orchestra to accompany the Students Graduating from the Concerto Levels. 
  • Student graduation pins and certificates will be available to the teachers at the Graduation Concert.

Annual General SANC Membership Meeting

 Teachers are invited to attend this meeting to be held following the concert.  Guests are welcome


Contact Nora Grafton, Graduation coordinator:

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