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violin/viola graduation

Violin/Viola Graduation

Sunday, March 10, 2024

11:00am and 12:15pm
Live at Zipper Hall, The Colburn School Campus

2024 Graduation enrollment is now closed.
See you next year!

A favorite annual tradition, SMAC-LA Violin and Viola graduation returns to Zipper Hall on Colburn campus for the first time since 2020. Students of all ages are invited to submit recordings for all all graduation levels from Twinkle to Levels 9/10. As in the days of Dr. Suzuki, each student submission will be independently evaluated by local teachers and every participant will receive feedback in return. Graduates will also receive their corresponding level certificate and pin. The graduation process culminates with live performances by all graduates on-stage at Zipper Hall. Please see the specific graduation and recording requirements and register at the links below.

Please email Liz Arbus AND Sherry Cadow with questions regarding the violin/viola graduation.

Please note: Private teachers must hold active memberships in SMAC-LA in order for their students to register for and participate in Violin/Viola graduation.


SMAC-LA Violin/Viola graduation 2023

Violin and Viola graduation was held virtually in 2020 and 2021. Enjoy our commemorative video!

Commemorative Graduation video from 2021

Audio Practice Tracks

Tuning Notes A, D, G, E

Violin Twinkle Variations and Theme (quarter=82)

Violin Gossec Gavotte (quarter=110; 2nd half quarter=88)

Violin Boccherini Minuet (quarter=88)

Violin Bach Bourrée (quarter=124; 2nd half quarter=112)

Violin Vivaldi 1st mvt. (quarter=88)

Violin Vivaldi gm, 1st (quarter=88)

Violin La Folia, R.G.

Violin Bach am, 1st (quarter=88)

Violin This! Veracini em, 2nd mvt. (quarter=92)

Viola Twinkle Variations and Theme (quarter=80)

Viola Gossec Gavotte (quarter=110;2nd half quarter=88)

Viola Boccherini Minuet (quarter=88)

Viola Bach Bourée (1st quarter=124; 2nd quarter=112)

Viola Telemann GM Concerto, 2nd mvt (quarter=80)

Viola Seitz gm Concerto, 1st mvt. (quarter=92)

Viola J.C. Bach, 1st mvt. (quarter=136 with slow down in middle)

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