violin/viola graduation

Violin/Viola Graduation



Due to Covid-19, the following changes have been made to the 2022 Suzuki Violin and Viola Graduation:

  • There will be no live concert. In lieu of a live in-person concert, there will be a Virtual Commemorative Concert Video Viewing in the spring.
  • The standard graduation process of recording and submitting videos will proceed similarly to previous years. Details are provided in the 2022 Audition Requirements link below. Graduation certificates and pins will not be presented in a live ceremony, but will be mailed directly to the families.
  • In addition to the standard graduation process, the graduates are invited to participate in the making of a Commemorative 2022 Suzuki Violin & Viola Graduation Video. Each graduate who wishes to participate will be required to make a separate video with a provided audio track. The audio practice tracks are available below. Detailed instructions on how to prepare and WHERE to send the video are posted below. We will need the video file, NOT You-Tube links for this. The Commemorative Video is separate from the graduation registration. Participation in Commemorative Video is optional, but we hope most of the graduates will take part in this unique opportunity.
  • Click below to submit Registration Form during the Online Graduation Registration Period.  
Deadline is February 28, 2022 !

    Please email Liz Arbus ( AND Sherry Cadow ( with questions regarding the violin/viola graduation.

    Please Note: SMAC-LA Membership is no longer necessary for students & families as the family membership has been removed, but private teachers must be members of SMAC for their students to participate in graduation.

    Audition Requirements


    Instructions for Commemorative Video Recording - due by February 20:

    1. You will need two devices and a set of headphones or earphones.
    2. Device 1 should be connected to your headphones and play the corresponding piano accompaniment track below. Device 2 should be in the landscape orientation recording video of your playing (no piano accompaniment audible)
    3. Consult this detailed instruction video from Sherry Cadow for specific recording guidelines.
    4. Prior to uploading your video, please rename the file with your level, instrument and name, as follows: or or
    5. Special Note:
      Level 7 we will only need the first movement of the Bach Concerto in A minor for commemorative video.
      Level 8. We will only need the 2nd movement of the Veracini Sonata for the commemorative video.
      Levels 9 and higher - you can upload the same video as your graduation submission.
    6. Please click on the box below to upload your completed video file:

    Upload Your commemorative Video Here


    Tuning Notes A, D, G, E

    Violin Twinkle Variations and Theme (quarter=82)

    Violin Gossec Gavotte (quarter=110; 2nd half quarter=88)

    Violin Boccherini Minuet (quarter=88)

    Violin Bach Bourrée (quarter=124; 2nd half quarter=112)

    Violin Vivaldi 1st mvt. (quarter=88)

    Violin Vivaldi gm, 1st (quarter=88)

    Violin La Folia, R.G.

    Violin Bach am, 1st (quarter=88)

    Violin This! Veracini em, 2nd mvt. (quarter=92)

    Viola Twinkle Variations and Theme (quarter=80)

    Viola Gossec Gavotte (quarter=110;2nd half quarter=88)

    Viola Boccherini Minuet (quarter=88)

    Viola Bach Bourée (1st quarter=124; 2nd quarter=112)

    Viola Telemann GM Concerto, 2nd mvt (quarter=80)

    Viola Seitz gm Concerto, 1st mvt. (quarter=92)

    Viola J.C. Bach, 1st mvt. (quarter=136 with slow down in middle)

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